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We create global solutions using a platform globally accepted. Give your restaurant a stronger online presence. We create Online Food Delivery system to take your food business online.

Food & Beverages Industry Solutions

A large number of people go online to order food, and this is the reason that even the smaller fast-food centers and restaurants are going online to increase their customer base. NCS.Technology is a pioneer company helping such food joints and restaurants to have a strong online presence, through food ordering portals and mobile applications.

More than 20 percent of the global economy is supported by the food industry, which means, this is the time that you should start thinking about making an impact in this potential industry. However, depending solely upon your offline customers is no more a good idea in this IT-driven marketplace. If you have an idea related to food & beverages industry, this is the time you should think about making it online through Food Ordering App Development.

Food Ordering App Development:

At NCS.Technology, we create powerful, flexible and highly-customized solutions for food & beverages industry. Our solutions include Food Ordering App Development, online food delivery portal, a food blog, mobile applications and online promotion. In short, we have solutions right from starting your business idea to taking it to the heights of success.

Our Solutions for Food & Beverages Industry:

Food Ordering Portal:

We are capable of creating a powerful food ordering portal that may contain thousands of recipes and can handle millions of orders. Important features like menu creation, food items management, order placing, order management, delivery management, payment processing and customer management are added to give you highest level of flexibility.

Food Ordering Mobile Apps:

Smartphones is a highly preferred platform for food ordering and this is the reason that the leading food chains have their mobile presence. NCS.Technology helps you connect your customers on-the-go by offering mobile application development services. The apps created by us carry the features that you demand to easily handle your customers.

Food & Recipe Blog:

If you are passionate about food and love writing about different recipes, starting a food & recipe blog is the ideal solution for you. We help you establish an attractive blog which is easy to manage by you. With a design significantly related to food industry, we make sure that your readers get the right treatment & experience while reading your posts.

Online Promotion:

We do not only provide your customers with a platform to order the most delicious food in easiest way, but we also make sure that you have the online presence to attract customers. Our digital marketing service is created to give you maximum reach, online presence, social media reputation and highest returns over your investments.

Benefits of Hiring NCS.Technology:

Being an industry leader for over 8 years, we have the ideal set of talent and ideas to implement in your business plan. Here are a few benefits that you get while working with us:

Full Confidentiality:

We understand that you have a unique business idea, thus we protect your concept from being stolen. With NCS.Technology, you can rest assured that your business idea is completely safe and will never be shared with anyone. We are willing to open an NDA to ensure your safety.

Fastest Turnaround Time:

We are known for completing the project in minimum time possible, without compromising with quality. The Fastest Turnaround Time is achieved through resource distribution system which allows us to employ the best employee for a given task. Result – you get your work in time.

Best Price Guaranteed:

While building a huge idea may cost you some good amount of money, we try our level best to minimize the costs and deliver you the best value for your investment. We make best use of open source technologies to make the development process as inexpensive as possible.

Best Support Service:

Running a food & beverage portal demands frequent technical support, and we are always here to help you out. Whenever you need us, our support staff remains available to help you. We discuss your ideas with you, and we also join you to celebrate your success.

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